AutoManual is an application developed by Fikira to ease the process of generating manuals that require screenshots to be taken and descriptions to be added to these screenshots. AutoManual provides its users with means of easily taking screenshots of active windows and offers multiple ways of integrating existing images into new manuals. The application allows for users to store their work and continue where they left off and lets them export their work to Word Document files, the most commonly used word processor.

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Take screenshots

With a simply press of a button, AutoManual lets you take screenshots of active windows and allows you to add descriptions to these screenshots. It also allows you to insert screenshots from file and lets you rearrange, delete and duplicate existing screenshots without a problem.

Work offline

AutoManual lets you store your work in AMD files so that you can keep your projects and export them to Word at a later time, perfect for when you have to make screenshots on a system that does not have Word installed or has no connection to the internet.

Quick Guide

The Quick Guide within AutoManual offers insight in the status of the current project and offers support in means of displaying which settings are currently in use. It also has a built in option for zooming in on screenshots so that even big screenshots can be properly viewed.

Generate Manuals

Instead of having to manually copy and paste your screenshots into a Word document, AutoManual can do this for you. Simply tell AutoManual to export your work and it will put your screenshots and descriptions in a Word document. You can even use your own template for a consistant look and feel.

Save your preferences

AutoManual will store your chosen settings and preferences and remembers the last known username so that you do not have to constantly adjust the application to your wishes every time you run it.

No installation required

AutoManual does not need an installation to run. The only thing you need is the executable and you're all set to go. It can even run from an external source like a flash drive so you can take it anywhere you go and use it wherever.

See it in action

Creating a document with AutoManual. CTRL-Click will get the information from the screen and add the test to the description box below the screenshot. This will rule out errors and save a lot of time.

Download the example document here.

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"AutoManual is a great tool for my daily work as a packager / intaker. No installation is required so I can run it from a USB stick. It's lightweight and easy to use."

Felix op 't Eijnde IT-Specialist at Pi-CT

"I use AutoManual to create documentation while setting up new servers. With the ability to load templates and export them directly to Microsoft Word saves a lot of valuable time."

Jason P. Dell Serveradmin at Advantage

"I have used several other tools in the past but they would often crash during the process of an installation. I have used AutoManual numerous of times and up till now it did not crash a single time. It's easy and reliable."

Nils Bostrøms Owner at løsning enkasse


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Which Microsoft Word version is supported?

AutoManual works with Microsoft Word 2007 or later.

What is the AMD file format?

The AMD file format is the internal file format used by AutoManual, if you save a project the saved file have this extension

What is the difference between the paid and the free version?

The free version shows a watermark on the pictures in the generated document, the full version doesn't show any watermarks

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